Customer Communications – Up Close and Personal

While enterprises generate billions of documents a year, most haven’t exploited their full potential for reducing costs and generating additional business. OpenText StreamServe enables companies to automatically create and present dynamic documents to any audience via the channel they prefer while promoting additional offerings.

Get Results

Using StreamServe, our Customers have:

  • Increased sales by 20%
  • Decreased paper consumption by 60%
  • Cut development costs by 80%

Engage more profitably with customers

Now your documents can also make contributions to the bottom line! Linked with your business systems, but requiring no changes to them, OpenText StreamServe lets you easily direct targeted and personalized information to your customers by leveraging existing content.

Give the power to the people

OpenText StreamServe gives business users hands-on control of customer-facing documents and content. It enables you to substantially eliminate manual handling and improve the accuracy of the documents that business processes depend on. And it relieves the IT department of much of the traditional burdens associated with creating, updating, and managing documents.

Achieve Fast Results and Cost Savings with Better Document Processes

Open Text StreamServe helps customers realize significant cost savings from customer correspondence management. StreamServe reduces paper usage and costs associated with printing and distribution and also enables coordinated statement delivery with relevant offers - via mail or online.

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