The Consultancy Firm and effective business communications

The Consultancy Firm is a Dutch company specializing in powerful tailor-made solutions for document and content management.

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Using StreamServe, our Customers have:

  • Increased sales by 20%
  • Decreased paper consumption by 60%
  • Cut development costs by 80%

Get value from your customer contacts

Effective communications stimulate your sales and strengthen the customer relationship. Yet a lot of organizations have to do without the most recent customer information. As a result, needless and crucial mistakes are made in sending documents. The Consultancy Firm helps you to avoid waste of time and resources, by adding the right value to each customer contact. We distribute your output across channels, in print as well as digital – without any creative restriction.

Meet your customer’s demands

Your customers expect to receive documents, such as policies, bank statements or letters, in the format of their own choice: from e-mail and the internet, to text messages and on mobile devices. They expect to get the information fast, matching their individual situations. It’s your challenge to meet this requirements.

Personal document output
Moreover, you will distinguish your company from the competition by using personal communication. So you must have all necessary processes well in place, enabeling you to present your products or services in an attractive and innovative way.

Tailored documents
Because each organization has requirements of its own, The Consultancy Firm prefers to look into your case in an individual way. We provide products and services tailored to your network, customers and relations. More information on the TCF website.

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