Customer Communications – With Less Cost and Effort

Documents and customer communications are the life-blood of most organizations. However, companies often have duplicate and overlapping processes in place when delivering information to customers and partners. OpenText StreamServe lets you consolidate the creation, processing, review and delivery of information while leveraging the business systems you already depend on.

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OpenText StreamServe delivers:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Scalability, Reliability and Security

Integrate with CRM, ERP, ECM and other systems

Pertinent customer information is often stored in a variety of locations. OpenText StreamServe brings it all together with flexible integrations into your business systems so that you can take full advantage of the information you already have and optimize your customer communications.

Drive down IT administrative costs

OpenText StreamServe helps relieve the IT department from much of the traditional burden of coding document-related functions and alterations. By centralizing the deployment of document templates and allowing business users to create and manage messaging, manual processing errors are eliminated and IT resources are made available for other important tasks.

Delivers scalability, reliability and security in high-demand, high-performance enterprise environments

Open Text StreamServe is designed to handle any level of document delivery needs. Automated creation, personalization, staging and batch queuing ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings. Comprehensive management tools let you monitor and control operational and production processes through every stage.

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